Artist: Miza

Beat Maker Alias: MIZBEATZ

Origin: Born in Düsseldorf, Germany (Indian origin)

Date of Birth: August 18

Genre: Hip Hop, R&B and Popular Music


From a very young age, Miza has had an interest in music.  He has been producing Hip Hop since 1997, in particular Dirty South, East Coast, Crunk, Club, West Coast and Rap beats.  He also produces Trap, R’n’B and Pop music. 

The Wu-Tang Clan were Miza’s early musical inspiration.  He found their unity as a group, combined with stage presence, along with their music with sample based, boom bap beats grew his inspiration.   This inspiration then introduced him to the world of sampling and the East Coast beat form. The style of his first set of beats, influenced by the RZA, led his crew to label him the "Miza,” and this name has stuck with him ever since.   From this, his beat maker name developed, MIZBEATZ.

Florian Schneider, of the group Kraftwerk, introduced Miza to electronic/software-based beat production. Florian even gifted Miza with Reasons “Rebirth”, which was his first software-based beat programming experience. From here on, Miza became captivated by this form of production. His equipment includes Native Instruments Maschine, Akai MPC 2000 XL, Studiologic and Infrasonic midi controllers, various sound and effect VSTs, Digidesign Protools/command and recording station.

In 1999, Miza moved to America for his higher studies.  During this time, he became closer to the Hip Hop culture. While in America, he became the in-house producer for various local artists.  Miza has also worked with American Idol contestant, Jared Yates, The Sri Lanka Premier Cricket League, Jaecyn Bayne, Canibus and October London. His most current work includes production for Des-C, Casper Hight, Ishi and The High Dolla Boyz.


Miza currently resides in London - United Kingdom.